I have always been interested in the topics of health and food, and in looking after my own and my family’s health by natural and holistic methods. Some years ago I found out about the importance of probiotic foods like Kombucha and Beet Kvass and incorporated them into my family’s diet with benefits to our health.

At the beginning of this year (2018), after people began to express interest in what I was making and posting on Facebook, I decided to start a small home based business making and selling probiotic foods and drinks, and called it Abha’s Probiotics. Seeing that very few people knew about probiotic foods and their benefits, I began posting articles and informative videos to educate my friends and contacts, and soon more people began to show an interest in buying the things I was making. Many reported health benefits like improved digestion, better energy, improvement in allergic conditions, a reduced tendency to fall sick often, weight loss, etc.

This was exciting and I wanted to do more, so I researched and found traditional recipes from different parts of the world and began to make a range of products to provide variety and to appeal to different tastes. This ensured that there was something for everyone, so that all people could move towards improving their digestive and overall health. 

For more information on the health benefits of Abha’s Probiotics products, Read here.

What is special about Abha’s Probiotics?

Abha’s Probiotics includes traditional fermented foods and drinks that have originated in countries around the world and have now become popular among discerning people. I also experiment and come up with my own recipes. What is common to all my probiotic foods is that they are all beneficial for health. Regular consumption of these foods can improve digestion, increase immunity, heal inflammation, allergies and the tendency to catch coughs, colds and other infections and even protect against heart disease and cancer! I personally make all the products and bottle them too to ensure high quality and food safety.

Introducing Abha’s Probiotics products to your family and encouraging them to replace their sugar or preservative laden soft drinks with these natural, centuries old and proven health foods and drinks that are high in taste, low in sugar and contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives may be one of the best decisions you make for improving or maintaining the health of your family!

In a Nutshell

All products are 100% Natural, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

All are made from organic ingredients bought from reliable sources and are not exposed to chemical fertilizers, pesticides or hormones.

All products are 100% Vegetarian.

Except for Milk Kefir, all products are also Vegan.

All products are packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable glass bottles.

All products need to be kept refrigerated in order to last out their shelf lives.