In 431 B.C. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Today we have forgotten ancient wisdom and look for a pill to pop for everything that is wrong with us, not realising, that many of our conditions spring from what we are putting, or not putting, in our bodies. The essential functions in our bodies are affected positively or negatively by the foods we eat and what we drink.

Our stressful and hurried lifestyles lead us to make choices about foods and drinks based on convenience and availability rather than traditional wisdom and knowledge. Most of these convenience foods as well as mass produced “natural” foods like fruits, vegetables, milk and meat are treated or processed in ways that cause the nutrition in them to be unavailable to our cells because our bodies cannot absorb them in the form that they are provided. In addition, our obsession with cleanliness and hygiene is often carried too far to get rid of all bacteria and microbes, not realising that not all are harmful; some are not only beneficial, but essential to the proper functioning of our bodies. These microbes that are helpful in promoting health live primarily in our gut or digestive tract, and are called Probiotics.

Abha’s Probiotics: Foods that heal

Abha’s Probiotics makes fermented artisan products; foods and drinks made according to traditional recipes from different parts of the world. They have been carefully and diligently prepared by hand using high quality organic ingredients and contain a range of beneficial acids, enzymes, vitamins and natural probiotics to ensure the greatest health benefits for the consumer.